About Me

Hi. I'm Ari (pronounced "R.E."). I can't give you my last name because then you might try to steal my identity, apparently. I'm a Jewish (male) kid living in the suburbs of northwest Pennsylvania. I have imaginary friends that act like siblings because I am an only child (I don't care who laughs). By the time you read this... I have no idea what will happen by the time you read this. Sorry. I am prone to anger and usually sparked in instances of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Honestly. Why can't we just accept people? My voice sounds horrible on electronic recording devices, I like figuring out how to play songs on the piano (if you wanna hear Beetoven's Fur Elise, just ask), and I usually put commas before the word "and." I'm currently twelve years old. I also hate it when people don't use proper grammar. It's annoying.

    Well, enough of this. There's absolutely no way I could fit my entire personality into a website. READ MY BLOG. NOW.