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Save the trees

09/10/2012 12:49
You're not gonna believe this, but a HUGE tree branch just crashed down and blocked off our driveway. My dad's trying to cut it up or something. I'll update.

Hello again

08/24/2012 09:36
Power was out at our house for a week. It was very difficult, not being able to charge anything electronically.


07/15/2012 11:06
Hai. Last night we had a huge thunder-and-lightning-and-lots-of-rain storm. It's still raining this morning.

Deh 4th

07/04/2012 16:08
Happy 4th of July! I got a TON of candy at the parade this year. CANDY IS AWESOME. YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY. YOU LIKE CANDY.


06/28/2012 16:52
Sorry I haven't written a blog in so long; I'm on summer vacation and I have plans.   I LIKE PIE.


05/03/2012 16:25
Here's a tip to keep cool in the summer months. Just pour a tall glass of orange juice, put two or three ice cubes in it, add one straw, and you've got a great concoction to beat the increased lower atmospheric temperature (heat). It's Ari-guaranteed to keep yourself at a comfortable...

Long time no update

04/19/2012 08:22
Hey guys; sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life's been busy, y'know? So, anyway, just wanted to get things going again. Stay cool. Peace out.

Get a job

03/02/2012 07:09
Well, my dad's in West Virginia, so I'm taking classes at Mom's office.

'Sup, fellas?

02/28/2012 08:21
I was just thinking about life and apple juice. Great combination. But anywho, you know what I find odd? When America became a full-fledged country, we decided that we didn't need the Us in words like "colour" and "favourite." We also changed "biscuits" to "cookies" and vice versa. I always...


01/31/2012 17:35
 I felt like writing a blog post. So I did. Bye.
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