There is no such thing as equal rights

09/29/2011 14:45

I'm a kid. I have some things to say about that. Some very profound things that no adult would even consider.

See, I'm sick of being treated like an inferior being. I'm not allowed to vote, I'm not allowed to get a decent job that's actually in a business establishment, I can't enter bars... I can't do half the things adults can do. They say it's because I don't have enough experience. This is ridiculous. They've got me stuck in a conundrum. I can't get experience without experience. I'm an intelligent being, and I want to be treated as such. The US Constitution includes all men, but what about children?

Just a thought.

Well, I'm back in school. I'm in a virtual classroom. Three, actually. Math, science, and social studies. So... that's nice, I guess.