Save the trees

09/10/2012 12:49

You're not gonna believe this, but a HUGE tree branch just crashed down and blocked off our driveway. My dad's trying to cut it up or something. I'll update.

Hello again

08/24/2012 09:36

Power was out at our house for a week. It was very difficult, not being able to charge anything electronically.


07/15/2012 11:06

Hai. Last night we had a huge thunder-and-lightning-and-lots-of-rain storm. It's still raining this morning.

Deh 4th

07/04/2012 16:08

Happy 4th of July! I got a TON of candy at the parade this year. CANDY IS AWESOME. YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY. YOU LIKE CANDY.


06/28/2012 16:52

Sorry I haven't written a blog in so long; I'm on summer vacation and I have plans.




05/03/2012 16:25

Here's a tip to keep cool in the summer months. Just pour a tall glass of orange juice, put two or three ice cubes in it, add one straw, and you've got a great concoction to beat the increased lower atmospheric temperature (heat). It's Ari-guaranteed to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature! (Some assembly required. Batteries not included.) Or you could go down into a basement. It's cooler there.

For those of you who are living in winter conditions at the moment, there's no need to heed this until things get heated up.

Long time no update

04/19/2012 08:22

Hey guys; sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life's been busy, y'know? So, anyway, just wanted to get things going again. Stay cool. Peace out.

Get a job

03/02/2012 07:09

Well, my dad's in West Virginia, so I'm taking classes at Mom's office.

'Sup, fellas?

02/28/2012 08:21

I was just thinking about life and apple juice. Great combination. But anywho, you know what I find odd? When America became a full-fledged country, we decided that we didn't need the Us in words like "colour" and "favourite." We also changed "biscuits" to "cookies" and vice versa. I always wondered why we did that.


01/31/2012 17:35

 I felt like writing a blog post. So I did. Bye.

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